Ducted Hi Static

Encased Indoor Fan Coils

Encased indoor fan coils, complete with direct - expansion indoor coil suitable for light commercial application.



  • Operating ambient temperature for cooling mode 13°C ~ 52°C / heating mode -34°C~ 19°C.
  • CE certified.
  • Weather protected cabinet with pre-painted galvanized sheet metal.
  • Modified Polymer Coating on the coil.
  • 1000 Hr Salt spray as per ASTM B117 test.
  • Narrow spaced grille for improved coil protection.
  • Equipped with High & Low pressure switches.
  • One access panel to access electrical controls, fan motor, compressor & condenser coil.
  • Discharge muffler to minimize low frequency sound and pressure pulsation generated by compressor discharge gas.
  • Factory supplied filter drier.
  • Compressor Sound Hood for noise attenuation.


  • Install up flow, horizontal, or down flow.
  • Grooved copper tubes.
  • Easy access to filters for cleaning.
  • Prepainted galvanized sheet metal.
  • Solid state interlock control board.
  • Lanced sine wave aluminum fins.