Standard Warranty Terms

WARRANTY COVERS: Dehumidifier, Portable, Hi-wall, Console, Cassette, Ducted, Free Standing and VRF. The warranty terms are applied only for DX products.

We guarantee that CARRIER products are free of material and human work defects and we declare that each warranty covers one system (indoor & outdoor unit).

The warranty is valid for:

  • Units sold by authorized distributor. 
  • Installations by authorized technicians with the use of proper tools & reference to the technical documentation and instruction operating booklets of AHI Carrier S.E.E. S.A., with no further modifications.
  • A period of two (2) years from purchase date.

Moreover, the warranty covers:

  • The replacement cost of a defective part of the unit. The replacement of a part does not extend the warranty period of the system.

The warranty does not cover:

  • The annual service cost which should be conducted for the proper operation/maintenance of the unit. 
  • Any possible transportation cost of the unit for repair or replacement reasons.
  • Any damages caused by the transporter.
  • Any labor that may be required for the safe access to the machine (racks/lifting equipment).
  • Failures due to faulty installation, abnormal operation, misuse, improper maintenance, connection to voltage or power supply different than that specified, current voltage variations as well as damage caused by corrosive environmental conditions (i.e. seaside areas or areas with extreme dust, etc.) 
  • Loss of the controller.

The responsibility of AHI Carrier S.E.E. S.A. is strictly limited to the operation of the unit  under warranty and does not apply to any use or utilization of the device, therefore it bears no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage (direct, implied or subsequent), which originates from the economic or other use or utilization of the device (loss of income, etc.)